Milton Keynes/Watford-based Singer-Songwriter. Weaving words in musical form since 2003.

Behind the Musician

A stalwart acoustic artist on the Milton Keynes/Watford music scene, having toured California amongst gigs throughout the UK and Europe from the age of 21, Tom (Now 35) continues to steadily make his mark with his "ability to blend acoustics and rock in a unique way; creating a perfect blend of music for all ages".

From sing-alongs to heartfelt ballads, Tom has an intense emotion to his vocals & his music has subtle elements towards indie & folk, but his real strength lies in his storytelling and confidence/presence onstage. An honest & bold acoustic troubadour!

With a handful of amateur demos (2006-2007), three solo studio EP’s – ‘Unseen Angel’ (2008), ‘oceans’ (2010) & 'In Rivers' (2015), his debut full-studio album ‘LETTER/DIARY’ (2012), a full-band EP entitled 'Take Courage' (2018), alongside his musical family as 'Tom Craven & The Chapter', aswell as a four-track remix EP 'Echo Chamber: Part I' with close friend Joseph Suddick, Tom's repertoire has been classed as "a bold, enigmatic collection of songs from a heartfelt and ultimately honest talent".

2015 saw the release of a long-awaited third EP entitled ‘In Rivers’ and marks a change in Tom’s songwriting and harks a new era in his performances. A vinyl version was also pressed after a successful Musicraiser crowdfunding campaign, pulling together the exclusive artwork from JSP Photography and the music into a special limited edition!

2017 saw a Valentine's Day release for one of Tom's most captivating songs 'Magpie' as an official single along with a video capturing the collaborative spirit of Tom and his talented friends. Recorded with Matt Parisi (The helmsman behind 'Oceans' & 'LETTER/DIARY') and featuring local talents Sophie Ray, Lauren Merrifield and Joshua Saunders - The video went viral in the first weeks of the release and continues to gain viewers every day. "A subversive pop ballad that stands up mightily alongside the ranks of chart-botherers Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice and James Blunt". The video was filmed over three sessions with Rachel Chilcraft and Lewis Jacobs at High Elms Manor and Salcey Forest. The single was an absolute labour of love for Tom and the gang and fulfilled several great ambitions of his in the process. A project to be proud of for all involved.

With his second full-length album 'Make Yourself Known' in production with long-time collaborator Studio Chimp throughout 2021, Tom's sound has evolved and adapted into the warmly received and eclectic repertoire of memorable and heartbreaking anthems and thought-provoking indie ballads that they are today. The album is set for it’s grand release in 2022 and early reviews have drawn comparisons to Crowded House, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths and so many more...These are exciting times.

“Charming and beautiful, Tom has a resolute integration between his music and his personality. Both warm and secure, his confidence is infectious”
- Dan O’Shea (15 Minute Club)

"Tom’s soulful acoustic sound translates beautifully into both his powerful ballads and upbeat melodic tracks. Catchy songs about life, love and everything in between mean that this talented young musician is definitely one to watch".
- Watford Observer

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